Personal wellness

Our mission is to be part of the global field of consciousness and to positively influence individuals and society with our activities. We run holistic seminars, workshops and events as part of Essentis Life. for more information.


Participate in our complimentary daily meditation and yoga practice at Essentis from Mon – Fri. Please enquire at the reception desk for more details.
8:00 YOGA


Enjoy our sauna located on the lower ground floor. Please inform the reception staff 30 mins prior to use and they will gladly switch it on for you. Bath robe hire 7€ per person


The hotel water supply is treated with a ‘Johann Grander’ energetic water system, which revitalises the water for optimum health.


For your optimum well-being, we do not provide TVs in our roon and intentionally turn the WIFI off between 12 – 6 am.

For the Earth

Working in harmony with nature is essential to the Essentis ethos and we endevour to reduce our environmental impact when and wherever possible. We use only 100% organic biologically certified cleaning products and deteregents.


We provide a large percentage of our own electricity via our solar panels. See our website for a live solar panel production moniter. The rest of our electricity is provided by Greenpeace Energy, where 100% of the energy is generated via renewable resources.


We have a seasonal permaculture garden situated in front of our restaurant where we grow organic herbs and mushrooms, used in our restaurant.


As part of our sustainablity plan, we use a renewable water source to flush our toilets to reduce our waste impact. Due to this, discolouration of the toilet water can occur but it is fully hygienic.


You can rent a Tesla for a day. Explore the city in a an environmentally friendly vehicle. Please enquire at reception for more information.