Essentis biohotel is becoming one of the first centres for consciousness in Europe

Essentis is a living island surrounded by river and forest, situated in the charming avenues of East Berlin. In this wonderful setting, the former Bio-hotel is becoming one of the first centres for consciousness in Europe, offering a range of multidisciplinary and holistic workshops and events in the fields of health and culture.

In 1997, Essentis  was born as a standard hotel welcoming important business conventions and weddings. In 2007, the founders Heinrich Kronbichler and Tobias Grimm decided to shift its activity to follow the line of consciousness management. At this stage, Essentis became a Biohotel. Today this process is going further with the implementation of important initiatives to reach the vision of becoming a centre for consciousness.

With its belief in sustainability, Essentis operates on a wholly environmentally-friendly basis. With the goal to be in total harmony with Mother Earth, the hotel uses its own solar panels to source energy (check here the current solar power production from Essentis’ roof solar panels), and is currently implementing a sustainability program. The vegan restaurant’s kitchen is 100% organic and the suppliers are local.

As a participatory hotel, Essentis biohotel has created the –In Spiritual Residence- program, currently welcoming artists, designers, environmental scientists, wood workers, web designers and travelers from all over the world to join Essentis’s mission.


Essentis’s mission is to be part of the global field of consciousness, and to positively influence individuals and society with its activities. Essentis’s mission is to be a healing place for Mother Earth, where we experience how to live in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.


Essentis refers to essential, the essence, or the source. As Carl Gustav Jung said, « Those who look out dream, and who look in awaken ». The way to consciousness is to harmonise with the source, for ones true dreams to be revealed to oneself. Essentis promotes the following values: sustainability, harmony, respect, diversity, openness and sharing.



Kathleen Ludwig

Event Manager

Sabine Molks

Reception Manager


Stephan Giannangeli

Vegan Chef

Alex Dombrowsky

Vegan Chef

Joaquín Zayas Muñoz-Cobo

Raw food Chef


Clara Ouchene

Marketing Communication

Tobias Grimm

General Manager

LIVE: current solar power production from Essentis’ roof

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