New year is a gateway to a new phase of your life. To be reborn, and celebrate a sparkling beginning, Berlin Healing is a chance to rise like a phoenix.

Berlin Healing creates a space for a mutual ‘seeding’ of new ideas, new energies and new forms, with activities exploring Organic-Vegan & Raw Food, Yoga, Dance, Calligraphy, Holistic Massage, Sound Healing, Cacao & Fire Ceremony, Sauna and other rituals and ancestral traditions!

All this on the living island: Essentis


29.12.15 Slow Slide

We start gently the program with slow movements to balance body, soul and mind before to slide in an evening rhythmed by fine tunes creating a salon mood.

16.00 – 18.00 Seasonal Qi-Gong – Marcel Scherreik

Qi Gong Workshop for relaxation, stabilization and self-healing of body, mind and soul with insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi Gong aims at strengthening the energy of life and to harmonize body, mind and soul. With specific exercises related to an organ, you learn about their functional circle and to balance them but also the emotions and ways of life that are being assigned to them. You recharge and save energy for everyday life.

18.00 – 22.00 100% Organic-Vegan Dinner

with 100% fine electronic tunes from DJ Macunik

Energy exchange


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Berlin Healing 5+1 Day Pass Eur 180.00

29.12.15 Slide Slow

Qi-Gong Eur 15.00


30.12.15 Cocooning Detox

Day pass Eur 40.00

Emotional Detox Eur 15.00

Cathartic Breathing Eur 30.00

31.12.15 The rise of the Phoenix

Day pass Eur 50.00

Raw Cacao Sylvester Menu Eur 25.00

Movie Free

Cacao & Fire Ceremony Eur 35.00


01.01.16 Cacao Cocoon

Day pass (include sauna) Eur 30.00

Kundalini Yoga Eur 15.00

Stardots Ceremony Eur 18.00

02.01.16 Jam Calligraphies

Day pass Eur 50.00

Shakti Dance Eur 15.00

Calligraphies Workshop Eur 10.00

Trommel Workshop Eur 25.00

Cosmic Vibration live Eur 15.00


03.01.16 Destiny’s Child

Day pass Eur 40.00

Vinyasa Yoga Eur 15.00

Rauhnächte Mysterium Eur 20.00

Emotional Detox Eur 15.00

Sleep over

Book a room, 10% discount for the participants of Berlin Healing.

Eur 15.00 for sleeping in our communal space.

Eat 100% Organic and Vegan

Breakfast every days from 07.00 to 10.00

Eur 15.00

Vegan Buffet for lunch and dinner 12.00 – 14.00 & 19.00 – 21.00

Eur 12.00

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Sauna Eur 10.00 for 3 hours – free for the guests of the hotel

Massages on appointments